Who is Stykke Studio?

Stykke Studio is a trademarked brand based in Germany, Cologne founded and run by a Graphic Designer - Ana - and a Communication Designer - Olli. All designs are made in house.  

What is a mockup?

A mockup is a digital file technically setup in a way which allows you to display designs in a digital way.  

How do I use a mockup?

Please check out our "How to"page on which you will find a tutorial for Photoshop, Photopea and a tutorial for Photoshop for animated mockups. 

What license comes with a mockup?

Our mockups come with a Commercial License which allows you to display your art on your brands website, social media or print for one brand per license.

What is the difference between Commercial License and Extended Commercial License of an asset?

Editorial Commercial License covers:

  • the commercial presentation your art on your brands website, social media or print using Stykke Studio Mockups for one brand per license.

Commercial License excludes: 

  • any kind of implementation of Stykke Studio items or parts of it into apps, programs or systems.
  • sub-licensing, reselling or sharing purchased items to third parties.

Extended Commercial Use covers:

  • a case by case custom contract that is setup between Stykke Studio and you on a individual basis. 

Can I get a refund?

Digital items aren't refundable based on their nature. We expect you to know what you're buying when you purchase a product on Stykke Studio. If you aren't sure or if you have questions please contact us before making a purchase. 

I have purchased the wrong ratio / orientation / color / setup.

Since digital items aren't refundable please make sure you check your order before you checkout. If you haven't downloaded the file yet we can exchange it for another version of the available ones. Please note we do see on our end if you have downloaded your files or not. 

I expected to receive all the ratios and orientations that are displayed in the Mockup Set section.

You will receive the ratio you chose. We make it as clear as we can that you chose between ratios and orientations. Compare it to a t-shirt shop where you chose between the different sizes - you won't expect to receive all the sizes from XS to XXL, right? 

How do I contact support?

We try our best to provide you a good support. Please keep in mind we're a small business with limited manpower. If you have questions, system complaints or need dispute resolutions, please contact us via the contact form.  We will attempt to your query within 2 - 5 working days, however this may not always be possible. 

How do I receive the product file?

After the check-out process you receive a download link via e-mail. Please check your inbox as well as your spam folder of the e-mail address that you typed into the check-out page.

How can I unzip product files?

PC: To extract a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location. To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Mac: Double click the .zip file, then search for the product folder or product file.

What is included in my purchase?

Please read the product description carefully before you buy. All informations about compatibility and product extend is written in the product descriptions. Videos, design elements, mockups, fonts, music and other elements used for product presentation are not part of the product and won't be included in your purchase if not clearly mentioned in the particular product description. All included elements are clearly described in each product description. If you have questions regarding the included elements please contact us before making your purchase. 

How can I use the product / how does the product work?

Please don't worry, our more complex products have tutorials included which guide you through the process. Besides that, we offer tutorials on youtube and the Stykke Studio blog. If you have any questions of compatibility or technical questions regarding a particular product, please contact us before making a purchase.

I really love the product but I wont be able to use it by myself. Can you create a design for me when I buy the product?

We don't provide any design or other services with the products. You're responsible for using the product by yourself but we can support you to a certain extend if the question is specifically connected to our products. The support complexity is at the sole discretion of Stykke Studio. 

I want to purchase a product / I purchased a product but I need additional elements. 

We don't provide additional items or elements along with the products, however, we are happy to help you get started and assist if you ever get stuck along the way. We love helping with all product-related questions but are unable to create complete designs or customize your product for you.

I purchased the product but I there is something from the preview I expected to be part of the product. 

Please read product descriptions carefully. All included items of a product are listed in the description. Music, backgrounds, photography, stock video, fonts and other presentation elements you can see in preview images, pins or videos which are not clearly listed & mentioned as being part of the product in the product description are not included in your product purchase and are no part of the particular product. You can always contact us and we are happy to share where to purchase matching additional elements if possible.

Are your mockups created with AI?

No. Our mockups aren't made with AI and are safe for editorial commercial use. We own the copyright for our mockups in full since they are all human made by us in house. In case AI will be used at some point in the future as a tool (e.g. to add items into our own scene we don't have on hand or to extend sceneries after a project is finished) we will openly communicate and make it very clear that it's used and display in which parts it's used exactly.


What kind of program or application do I need?

The PSD file works with Photoshop CS6 desktop version and newer. The mockup is easy to understand and intuitively to use.

The JPEG file can be used inside Canva, Procreate or any other graphic program but has NO automatic placement or layers for your artwork neither automatic options to change the background. The frame where you can place your artwork will be empty. You will need to prepare the perspective & placement of your artwork by yourself.

Our mockups have realistic proportions & perspectives. Please keep in mind the frame size can appear just a tiny bit shorter or wider in the frame caused by the realistic angle of the leaned back frame.

Do you have a tutorial?

Yes! Please check out our "How to"!

Can I use the mockups without Photoshop? 

Yes! Please check out our "How to"!


I have problems using the product. 

Issues caused by third-party program bugs are not in our responsibility. Please make sure you're using the right software and the newest versions. Some of our products have specific software requirements. You will find all important informations in the product description. If you're experiencing any issues with our product although you're using the right Software, please contact us. We're here to support you. Issues caused by outdated program versions (for example old versions of Adobe Photoshop or Premiere Pro) or incorrect use of programs, using our products with incompatible programs are not part of our responsibility and have to be solved and / or discussed with the third-party company. 

The file shows an error or is corrupt.  

Corrupt files are most likely caused by incorrect download or unstable wifi during the download. Digital goods need a stable wifi connection during download since interrupted download process can cause corrupt files. Make sure your wifi is stable especially before buying complex or animated products. 

If you're experiencing any issues, please empty your browsers cache or use another browser and make sure your wifi connection is fast and stable. Download the files once more. If this doesn't work, please contact us.

If you're experiencing any troubleshooting with our products which is caused by the product itself, please contact us.

I haven't received a download link.  

You will receive a download link in checkout as well as per mail. The email confirmation can take a minute or more until it's arrived. Please make sure you have added the right email without typos. In some very rare occasions it can happen that our delivery system has a delay. If your download link takes longer than 10 minutes to load please reach out