Boost your Etsy shop on the go

by Anastazja Szulc

Driving an Etsy shop is a lot of work. There is a ton of other shops on the marketplace and a huge amount of beautiful handmade workpieces to discover. So how to stand out of these thousands of other nice shops?

Of course I could now give you at least 30 ways how to optimize your shop, starting at SEO optimizing to checking recent trends, branding and marketing. Sure. Maybe later. The only thing I will tell you now is:

Present your work in the best possible way!

No matter how good, bad or simple your product at the end of the day will be. The way of showing it to your target group is what matters (of course there is SEO and other things I’ve mentioned before but first things first). Having a good design presented in a crappy and noisy photo is mostly like not showing it at all.

Who is your target group and what is your product?

Things you need to think about before making your pictures is whom your product presentation wants to activate? Do you sell handmade toddler socks? Use toddler related things in your image. A small teddy bear, some wooden toys. Try to make a moodboard alike image. What color are the socks? Maybe yellow? So what about sunflowers or daisies? Or the tools you’ve used in the production process to underline that the product is handmade with love.

Or maybe you make wedding related templates like save the day cards. Check on Pinterest what the trends in wedding corporate and design are. Silk ribbons, eucalyptus or natural handcrafted paper? Use these elements and frame your product with it instead of just shooting the card at its own.

Simplify and speed up your workflow

But what to do, if you don’t have a proper printer or enough money to produce fancy cards or buy all this expensive elements every time a trend comes by. If you don’t have a floral shop right next to you with fancy eucalyptus. If you don’t have the best skills in taking photographs or maybe the time because you’re a home working mum. Probably you simply don’t want to collect so much stuff around or just don’t have the space.

No matter what your reason is, I can tell you: That’s actually no big deal and never ever again an excuse to not having the most beautiful, eye catching and outstanding product images. The following solution gives you the possibility to create templates and present them without even leaving your chair. You can arrange beautiful flatlays with your very own individual product inside while sitting in the car and making a road trip to Bali. Or you can boost your already existing image of your product with cool and fancy things.

Boost your Etsy shop presentation!

It’s as easy as it’s sounds. Boost your product presentation and layout by using design mockups! No matter what kind of taste you have, with mockups you can create an individual and branded image presentation your audience will fall in love with!

7 ideas to present your wedding template

Let’s come to the elephant in the room. Yes – mockups look realistic and yes – they are easy to use (check the step by step guide how to use a mockup). Also if you’re a complete photoshop noob. So check the possibilities for your very own template and imagine how it will improve the look of your whole shop! Of course you’re welcome to find inspiration in the following flatlay arrangements if you don’t sell ready printed products!


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